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PAP - Positive Airway Pressure Therapy 


With positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy, a PAP machine delivers air under pressure into the patient's airway through a mask which the patient wears during sleep. This air pressure keeps the airway open during sleep, minimising apnoea and virtually eliminating snoring altogether.

If you are a severe sufferer of sleep apnoea, it is certainly worthwhile considering PAP therapy as it provides a very effective treatment outcome. However, at Adelaide Sleep Clinic we understand that not everyone is compatible with PAP therapy, so we appreciate your wish to consider another treatment option such as a mandibular advancement splint.

If you have already tried PAP therapy without success, we would be happy to assess you for a mandibular advancement splint as this will be your best alternative. 

Your GP or sleep physician will be happy to discuss these alternatives with you.




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